Vision Living - Making Life More Comfortable By Integrating Technology Into The Home

When it comes to improving your quality of life while in your home, updating it with some hi-tech features may be the answer you’re looking for. Cut out the monotony and small annoyances that irk you, just like our client did by installing Polyvision Switchable Glass.

Polytron’s Switchable Glass can make a seemingly ordinary room into something spectacular. See for yourself by checking out this job we completed for Vision Living.

Polyvision glass gives you and your guests something to be amazed at and will instantly increase your property’s value. Plus, it eliminates the tiny, non-consequential jobs that we secretly hate but don’t want to complain about.

But, hey, when it’s your house, you’re in charge of what jobs you do and don’t do. So if you hate wrangling blinds and want to add a luxurious flair to your home, Polyvision may be perfect for you too.

About the Client

Vision Living called us in to complete this build. Vision are masters at merging technology and lifestyle to improve your overall quality of life. They equip you with Home Automation technology that gives you complete control of all the devices in your house.

Vision Living specialises in Home Cinema, Security and Automation fit-outs. They’re responsible for some of the most impressive Home Technology Systems in Australia.

With Vision’s focus on merging technology automation into your household, it makes sense why they wanted to include Polytron’s Switchable Glass into this build. Our product offers unrivalled privacy and can transform from completely clear to opaque in a split second with just the flick of a switch.

What We Did

The room seemed quite confined at first, so it was important to make it feel more open without compromising the privacy of the attached bathroom. Our Polyvision window opened the space up, giving a look into the ensuite while still providing complete privacy when it’s needed most.

And it’s not like you’d get caught with your pants down in a power outage. In the case of an energy failure, Polyvision glass will only revert to opaque. This means your privacy is always prioritised.

Our team fabricated and installed an 11.92mm Polyvision Switchable glass window for Vision. It added some extra space and light to the bedroom and created a standout feature. Space and privacy are two of the most important things home buyers look for, so Polyvision is a fantastic hack to get the best of both worlds.

switchable privacy glass
switchable privacy glass

Polyvision Expands the Realm Of Possibility In Interior Design

Have you considered if technology can help make your home more comfortable? Hundreds of thousands of Australian households have integrated automated technology into their homes to some extent. We’re at the stage in our development where technology can help make our day-to-day lives easier.

Polyvision Switchable Glass is a perfect addition to your home. It’s easy to install, is promised to last just as long as your standard windows and glass features, plus it gives you unrivalled control of your privacy. With Polyvision, you decide how much you want to show. If you want to achieve a similar look in your home, contact us today.

Level Up Your Office Space With Polytron Glass

Polytron routinely installs switchable glass in office and commercial spaces. Over the years, we’ve witnessed the immense benefit switchable glass has had on countless businesses. Whether it’s switchable Polyvision glass, Polystrong structural laminate or Suntuitive glass, Polytron will have the perfect glass solution for your needs. Be sure to contact our helpful team if you have any questions about our product range.