AC FIT OUT / Seabank Building – Switchable Glass Installation In Corporate Boardroom

Our client required a switchable glass installation for their office boardroom. They reached out to Polytron, requesting we install our premium Polyvision switchable glass.

From Clear To Opaque At The Flick Of A Switch

Switchable glass has significantly grown in popularity in recent years and has become a near necessity for the modern office boardroom. When the ‘switch’ for switchable glass is turned on, the glass is clear. When the switch is off, the glass is opaque. This innovative product means that walls, dividers, windows and more can be transformed from cloudy to completely transparent in an instant.

Why Switchable Glass Is Perfect For Office Spaces

Switchable glass is routinely applied in office settings – for many reasons. Incorporating switchable glass in the boardroom is one of the easiest ways to impress your clients. But beyond the aesthetics, Polyvision switchable glass allows for a private meeting space, free from distractions.

Outside of client considerations, smart glass can have many benefits to staff productivity. With switchable glass, staff have access to a private space where they can get through large chunks of work in peace. When coupled with acoustic products, you can create the perfect quiet working zone for your staff – free from visual and audible distractions.

As switchable glass also doubles as a whiteboard or projector screen, this is yet another reason why smart glass is the perfect addition to any office space. How would you use switchable glass in your office?

A Hygienic Solution

Smart glass is the optimal hygienic solution when privacy is required. While curtains or blinds can bring privacy, they harbour dust and bacteria. This can raise allergen concerns for occupants of the office. In contrast to curtains, privacy glass is a clean, hygienic and low maintenance alternative. To effectively clean switchable glass, simply use a non-abrasive window cleaner.

Level Up Your Office Space With Polytron Glass

Polytron routinely installs switchable glass in office and commercial spaces. Over the years, we’ve witnessed the immense benefit switchable glass has had on countless businesses. Whether it’s switchable Polyvision glass, Polystrong structural laminate or Suntuitive glass, Polytron will have the perfect glass solution for your needs. Be sure to contact our helpful team if you have any questions about our product range.