SkinKandy – Magical Glass Stirs Interest At Ipswich Shopping Centre

Shoppers in Ipswich were amazed by the transforming glass at the new SkinKandy pop-up store. Getting a piercing is usually done in a private room, but this store showed off its piercing station with broad glass walls that you could see right through. The trick was, this glass would switch from crystal clear to completely opaque in a millisecond, giving the customer full privacy of prying eyes.

The pop-up style booth was a great way to get customer attention, but the business still needed a high standard of privacy to operate. That’s where Polytron came in. We fabricated and installed two low iron, toughened Polyvision Switchable Glass panes to create the pictured privacy screen. Our Polytron Switchable Privacy Glass is perfect when you need privacy in an instant, plus its near-magical capabilities to transform from clear to opaque definitely got the attention of mall-goers.

We supplied and installed this product for SkinKandy, who have been long term clients. Giving piercings can require a lot of privacy. Polytron products have a variety of uses in commercial businesses. If you need privacy in an instant in your business, then our product is the best option on the market. The Polytron team also provides structural glass laminate for countless retail stores in Australia. We craft glass solutions that are stylish and secure. Be sure to contact our helpful team if you have any questions about our products and services.