Case Study - Polyvision Switchable Glass Installation For Saber Accountants

Flicking a switch and activating smart glass is one sure-fire way to impress your clients. That said, there are also countless practical reasons to install switchable glass in your office space or boardroom.

Saber Accountants came to Polytron looking for a switchable glass installation for their boardroom. With the help of In Glass Brisbane, we had our 13.72mm Polyvision switchable glass installed in Saber Accountants’ boardroom. The Polyvision glass was installed along the entire wall and door between the boardroom and the reception. Looking at the finished product, the results speak for themselves.

switchable privacy glass screen australia
switchable privacy glass screen australia

Switchable Glass In the Boardroom

Switchable glass is becoming a must-have for the boardroom. It instantly impresses clients, and is a great way to break the ice. Plus, the practical benefits of smart glass can’t be ignored. Firstly, it offers instant privacy, hence why this glass is commonly referred to as ‘privacy glass’. It also establishes a meeting room that is free from any distractions outside the boardroom; keeping everyone focused on the job at hand.

Switchable Glass For the Office

The benefits of privacy glass go beyond impressing your clients. Switchable glass also provides the team with a brilliant ‘quiet zone’ for getting work done. When your employees need a space where they can focus, free from distractions, smart glass is the perfect solution. This can noticeably improve staff productivity.

Other than boardrooms, smart glass can be used for windows, as well as office partitions. With smart glass partitions, employees can customise their workspace in accordance with their preferred level of privacy. This empowers employees to make their space their own. It also allows them to chat with the team while being able to turn the glass opaque if they need privacy to help them focus. Smart glass can even be used as a whiteboard, offering team members an interactive space to strategise new ideas.

Switchable Glass For Temperature Regulation

When used as windows in the office, switchable glass is an energy-efficient temperature regulator. It offers both Infrared Radiation and UV Ray protection. By limiting the heat and light from the sun entering in, smart glass can reduce the need for air conditioning to regulate temperature. This can save exponentially on energy consumption in the office.

Switchable Glass Is Safe and Hygienic

Switchable glass is the preferred option to block sunlight and provide privacy because it tends to be the most hygienic option available. Curtains and blinds harbour dust. On top of this, they are hard to clean.

In stark contrast, switchable glass blocks light and provides privacy, while not harbouring nearly as much dust as curtains or blinds. Plus, smart glass is far easier to clean than curtains and blinds. Just spray and wipe with a non-abrasive window cleaner, and you’re left with a hygienic, dust and germ-free privacy solution.

How Does Switchable Glass Work?

Switchable glass is a pretty fascinating concept. Polyvision PLDC Film is sandwiched between two layers of glass and various adhesive interlayers. It is then cooked in a high-pressure oven. This binds the two layers of glass together, encapsulating the inner layers.

Once installed, to switch the glass to clear, turn the switch on. To switch to opaque, flick the switch off. Because the opaque status is activated when the switch is flicked off, this means if a power outage were to occur, the glass will always revert to opaque.

Install Polyvision Switchable Glass In Your Office Space

Our clients love seeing how our Polyvision switchable glass elevates the design of their office space. It provides both their clients and their team with a productive and hygienic work environment. If you’d like to learn more about our Polyvision switchable glass or enquire about installing Polyvision, be sure to contact the Polytron team.