Case Study - Switchable Glass Installation for Riviera Australia

What comes to mind when you think, ‘luxury boat’? Balconies overlooking the ocean? An onboard master bedroom with an ensuite? Leather seating? What about switchable glass?

Whether you thought of smart glass or not, there’s no denying that switchable glass installations take luxury motor yachts to the next level.

Switchable Glass For Yachts

Polytron has routinely installed switchable glass in luxury yachts. In fact, our Polyvision smart glass is the preferred switchable glass product installed on Luxury Riviera Sport Yachts. Recently, Riviera Australia came to Polytron for the installation of our Polyvision switchable glass, as shown below.

switchable glass yacht

Polytron installed 9.92mm Polyvision switchable glass as an internal window for this Riviera yacht.

Switchable Glass Adds An Undeniable Sense Of Luxe to Yachts

In the world of luxury yachts, boats that have smart glass installed well and truly stand out from the crowd. Switchable glass adds an undeniable sense of prestige, glamour and luxury to yachts.

Benefits Of Switchable Glass For Yachts

There are plenty of reasons that Riviera and countless other marine companies have installed smart glass in their yachts. Switchable glass offers instantaneous privacy at the flick of a switch. It also removes the need for dust harbouring blinds and curtains that may billow and shake while on the water. Switchable glass is therefore incredibly low maintenance; all you need to do to clean it is spray and wipe. It’s also incredibly space-saving, an important concern for boating and marine vehicles.

Privacy glass also enhances natural lighting, allowing you to let in as much or as little light as you prefer. Our Polyvision glass is also an A-grade safety glass product. Rather than shattering, our glass is smash-proof. It will simply create a spider web effect broken.

Marine Applications for Smart Glass

Switchable glass is both a practical and luxurious addition for yachts. Here are some of the most common applications of switchable glass for yachts:

  • Internal Bathroom Window
  • External Window
  • Sunroof
  • Cockpit Privacy Screen
  • Shower Room/Screen

With this in mind, if you have any more bespoke ideas for smart glass applications for your yacht, Polytron would love to hear them. Our team loves seeing creative applications for our Polyvision switchable glass.

If you have any questions about Polyvision or Polytron’s wider glass range, be sure to get in touch with our helpful team today.