JH Glass Innovations ‘The Peak’ - Structural Laminate Meets Interior Design

We’ve provided Polystrong structural laminate for many applications – pool fencing, frameless stairs; you name it, we’ve done it. One of our most unique projects to date was this ‘trapdoor’ staircase by JH Glass Innovations.

About the Client

JH Glass Innovations contacted Polytron Glass Australia looking for a structural laminate glass to complete a custom bespoke ‘trapdoor’ staircase for their residential client. JH Glass Innovations had a vision, and we were thrilled to manufacture and install our 33.04 SGP TGH LAM glass and play our role in bringing this modern, unique design to life.

Structural Glass In Residential Design

The trapdoor served as both a luxury design element and a functional stairway door, which could be opened with soft electronic actuators, which is just one of the many exciting ways that you can introduce structural laminate glass into your home. Whether you are looking for a frameless balcony effect, an invisible staircase or a bespoke design, we can manufacture a custom piece of glass for delivery in approximately two weeks, and better yet, we can install it for you too.

Why Choose Structural Glass Laminate

Polystrong structural glass laminate is incredibly durable. This engineered glass solution has been designed to look incredible, without compromising on safety and security. As the interlayer of this safety glass holds the glass together, Polystrong is one of the safest, strongest glass options on the market.

If you’re a homeowner, a luxury builder or an architect looking for custom glass to bring your designs to life, contact us today.