Case Study - Polyvision Installation For The Emporium, South Bank

Polyvision glass is a highly practical design choice. But the undeniable luxury that switchable glass adds to a space can’t be ignored. Switchable glass, also known as smart glass or privacy glass, is a sleek, modern impressive design feature that is being installed in many luxurious hotels in Australia and around the world.

Polyvision installation for the Emporium, South Bank

Recently, Polytron’s Polyvision switchable glass was installed in South Bank’s Emporium hotel. It was used as a sleek, beautiful privacy solution in the hotel rooms. Our smart glass was installed as a wall divider separating the oversized tub of the elegant bathroom from the rest of the hotel suite. It was also installed as technologically advanced shower screens.

By installing switchable glass in the bathroom, hotel guests can enjoy full privacy or can choose to let natural light flood their space. When privacy is not required, the clear windows also help to craft an open, spacious feel for the hotel rooms. But as soon as guests desire privacy, all they need to do is flick the switch.

Importantly, switchable glass will always revert to opaque in the case of a power outage – protecting guests’ privacy at all times.

About Polyvision

Polyvision glass is routinely installed in hotel rooms as a luxury feature. But there are countless other applications for our privacy glass. We have installed Polyvision in corporate office boardrooms, residential homes, hospitality settings, health care, marine applications and education settings. The appeal for switchable glass is boundless, and can be used for a vast array of applications – you’re only limited by your imagination!

How does Polyvision glass work?

Polyvision switchable glass transforms from opaque to translucent at the flick of a switch. This smart glass works by sandwiching Polyvision PLDC film between two layers of glass and various adhesive interlayers. It is then cooked in a high-pressure oven which binds the two layers of glass together, encapsulating the inner layers.

Install Polyvision switchable glass in your hotel

Polyvision switchable glass is the ultimate must-have addition to hotels. Switchable glass is guaranteed to wow your guests, build positive word of mouth and keep guests coming back. If you would like to enquire about installing Polyvision switchable glass in your hotel, be sure to get in touch with our team today.