What Is Structural Glass Laminate?

Our Polystrong Structural Laminate is an engineered solution designed for balustrading applications, where a completely frameless look is desired.

This stylish product complies without having to use view obscuring hand-rails, allowing a more integrated design that looks amazing, without compromising safety and security. Our premium CNC Polished Laminate Edge Finish is of the highest quality. Each job comes with its own project-specific engineering certification for building certification.

What Are The Benefits Of Structural Laminate?

Views remain unobstructed

Space feels bigger and more open

A much more modern and sleek look

Much safer in the event of damage as the interlayer holds glass fragments together

Polystrong Frameless Glass Assembly Applications

Pool Windows & Fencing

External and Internal Balustrading

Architectural Frameless Glass Assemblies

Glass Awnings/Ceilings

Glass Flooring

Stairwell and Void Glazing

Most common Polystrong types;

15.04mm, 17.52mm, 19.04mm, 21.52mm, 23.04mm SG Sentry Glas Toughened Laminate and more.
Various glass colour options available; Clear, Low Iron, Tinted, Grey, Low-E, etc.

Polystrong™ Triple Laminated Glass;

Common Thicknesses;
21.04mm, 33.04mm, 39.04mm, 47.04mm, 48.04mm, 60.04mm

Common applications:

Pool windows, glass flooring, glass skylights, spider fitting wall, frameless glass walls, structural glass fins, structural stanchions, glass stairwell steps, stairwell support.

A Few Important Notes

Handrail free balustrades are not covered by AS 1288 and must have a site-specific Certificate of Compliance from a consulting engineer as an alternative solution under the BCA. We are able to provide an advisory service to ensure the end product is fit for purpose, compliant to Australian Standards and Regulatory requirements whilst maintaining design expectations.

Custom Laminate

Polytron Glass Australia is a well-recognised, boutique glass laminate manufacturer that specialises in the products that most companies would throw in the ‘too hard’ basket.
We manufacture a large variety of architecturally brilliant products to suit your design desires. As Australia’s premier glass manufacturer, we stock Polyvision Switchable Glass, Polystrong Structural Glass Laminate and Suntuitive self-tinting glass. Architects, designers, builders and home renovators alike have been captivated by our products since our inception in 2011.

Every glass product that leaves our factory floor is one that our whole team can be proud of. We love a challenge and are passionate about making your designs come to life.

Our glass range is extensive, our capabilities impressive.

Bespoke laminated glass products;

Patterned Glass Laminate, both in float and heat-treated,
Coloured Interlayer Laminate, both opaque and high VLT Coloured interlayer.
Acid Etched Glass Laminate.

Annealed Glass Laminate

Toughened Glass Laminate

Low-E Glass Laminate

Tinted Glass Laminate

Common Laminate thicknesses

9.52mm, 9.9mm, 10.28mm, 11.52mm, 13.52mm, 13.9mm, 14.28mm, 15.04mm, 17.52mm, 19.04mm, 21.52mm, 22.28mm, 23.04mm, 25.52mm, 27.04mm, 29.04mm, 31.52mm, 33.04mm, 39.04mm, 39.52mm, 42.08mm, 48.04mm, 49.56mm

Interlayer Material stocked:

Saflex PVB, SG Sentry, EVA, DG41, Acoustic Interlayer, Energy Efficient PVB Interlayer, Suntuitive Dynamic Interlayer, Coloured PVB Interlayer and more

Ceramic Painted Glass Laminate

(Common for glass awnings, glass skylights, glass flooring, internal partitioning, glass bridges and more)

Sefar Architectural Mesh Laminate

Common in Architectural constructs; facades, internal partitioning, balustrading)
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Vanceva Coloured Interlayer Laminate

Common in External and internal glazing, partitioning in offices, hospitals, childcare centres, civil construction.
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Thousands of colour options available

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