The architecture and interior design of a hotel or restaurant is important in captivating patron’s and providing them a stunning and memorable experience.

Polyvision Switchable Privacy Glass provides instantaneous privacy and amazes patron’s in the process. A happy patron is a referring patron.

Polyvision Switchable Privacy Glass specification in projects is gaining more popularity in the design community because of its functionality and brilliance. It creates as space that feels larger, welcoming natural light.


  • Enhance natural lighting
  • Customise your aesthetic; the design possibilities with Polyvision are rich
  • Great energy performance when used in externally glazed application
  • Low Maintenance: clean the Polyvision Glass Surface using a non-abrasive window cleaner
  • Removes need of blinds and curtains.
  • Polyvision is an A-grade safety glass product 

Current design trend:
Bedroom/Bathroom Privacy Partition Screen


Hospitality applications for Polyvision Switchable Privacy Glass:

  • Hotel Conference/Function Rooms
  • Bedroom/Bathroom Privacy Partition Screen 
  • Restaurant VIP Areas
  • Restaurant Toilet Cubicles
  • Bar and Restaurant Projection Screens
  • Skylights
  • Penthouse Privacy Windows
  • Penthouse – Kitchen to
    Dining Room Divider
  • Wine Cellar Double Glazed Polyvision