Why You Need Structural Laminate Windows For Summer

Why You Need Structural Laminate Windows For Summer
May 31, 2022 Polytron

Polytron’s structural glass laminate, Polystrong, is an engineered design solution. Structural glass laminate, also known as safety glass, delivers a stylish, integrated design that looks beautiful but does not compromise on safety and security. Being a shatterproof product, Polystrong well and truly earns its name. 

This strong, secure glass product is made with two or more sheets of glass. These sheets are held together by an interlayer. In the event of the glass breaking, the glass stays held together by the interlayer. This stops the structural glass from shattering into tiny pieces. Instead, the broken glass remains stuck to the interlayer, creating a spider-web effect on the glass. 

With summer well and truly here, now is a perfect time to install Polystrong safety glass.


Temperature Regulation

Polystrong structural glass comes in tinted variations. This is an excellent temperature regulator. By installing tinted Polystrong laminated glass in your home during summer this helps to keep the heat out. Plus, this natural temperature regulator means residents rely less on their air conditioner, reducing electricity bills and helping the environment out.


Install Polystrong For Your Pool Fence

Frameless pool fences give a resort-like, modern feel to a pool area. A glass pool fence ensures views into the pool area remain unobstructed. Not only does this achieve a contemporary design, but it also makes supervising young swimmers far easier. With summer being the best time to use the pool, the warmer months are the perfect time to replace your old pool fence with a frameless glass pool fence.

Flood Your Home With Natural Light 

Natural light has countless benefits for our mental health. Spaces that let the natural light in help encourage a sense of calm, help to reduce stress and improve the concentration of people living in the home. By installing more windows in summer, you can start the New Year off right by fostering a happy home space for you and your family. 


Renovate Over Summer

With many of us taking holidays or time off work during the holidays, summer is the ideal time to plan and start your next renovation. Perhaps you want to install more windows in your home to bring more natural light into the space. Or, you may be wanting to replace the windows with a safer, shatter-proof alternative. Maybe you don’t need new windows, but really want a frameless shower screen, or new stairwell glazing. Whatever project you have been thinking of doing, summer is a great time to get planning and action your summer renovation. 



No matter what the season, safety is always important. Polystrong structural laminate is a much safer alternative to traditional glass. The risk of injury is greatly reduced when laminated glass is broken, compared to traditional glass. Plus, the mess incurred by the shattered glass is no longer an issue when Polystrong glass is used. From a security perspective, residents can also rest assured their Polystrong glass window installations are a great deterrent to potential intruders. 


Install Polystrong Structural Glass This Summer

The aesthetic and practical reasons to install Polystrong Structural Glass Laminate can’t be ignored. This reliable, durable and sturdy product ensures both safety and style are prioritised. To enquire about our Polystrong glass, please don’t hesitate to contact our helpful team today.