Why Using Australian Made Glass Is Important In Your Home Or Business

Why Using Australian Made Glass Is Important In Your Home Or Business
November 24, 2020 admin

Glass is glass, right? Wrong. 

The glass market is a massive industry in construction. In 2018, the global glass manufacturing market was worth $238.39 billion, and it’s expected to surpass $320 billion by 2026. Like any massive construction industry, glass manufacturing has an enormous range of suppliers and competition. 

Australia is a world leader in the production of high-performance quality glass products. When choosing a supplier for construction jobs, a trusted company which complies with the industry standards is paramount to the overall durability of your project.

It may be tempting to pick up sheet glass from the local hardware shop and attempt to install it yourself, or trust in a tradie friend to set up your glass features. However, without the right quality of glass or expert installation, you run the risk of structural and personal injury. 

Buying from a cheaper international dealer may also seem tempting; however, because of different work standards, you could be subscribing to a weaker product which does not meet Australian building requirements. If you’re a business owner, you may be liable for any glass-related injuries sustained by your customers or passers-by, so it’s urgent you make the right choice the first time. 

Buying Australian not only supports the local economy, but you get a quality guarantee with all products and services.

Australian Glass Quality and Compliance

Australian glass fabricators and installers are required by law to comply with a list of building and safety industry standards (AS1288). Glass is a product that can become dangerous if not treated with respect. An untrusted supplier or installer could cause a range of problems from warping to shattering or even exploding glass. 

Polytron Glass is a member of the Australian Glass & Window Association. This is the representative body for over 1000 members across the country. The AGWA endorses companies which supply quality products and services. 

We promise best practice services for our glass fabrication and installation. The Polytron Glass team are professionally trained and can give you absolute confidence that you are getting an expert service. 

Fast & Convenient Services

If you find a reputable overseas manufacturer, you still may be waiting for long periods of time for your product to be transported. During that time you run a higher risk of your glass being damaged in transit. Also, if something goes wrong during the construction process, it can take much longer for a replacement product to be sent. 

An Australian supplier promises quality and expediency. Your products can be transported quickly and efficiently, so you’re not left waiting for your cargo to arrive. 

We offer a local customer support team, so if you need any other services or repairs, we are just a phone call away

Polytron Is Right For You

Don’t run the risk of faulty service. Our all-Australian staff will handle your glass products from fabrication to installation. We hire local workers to complete the job each step of the way, unlike some suppliers who source glass from overseas. 

Supporting us means you’re helping a team of professional Aussies. We promise quality across the board. 

At Polytron Glass we offer a range of glass styles and functions. From super-strong laminate safety glass to the world’s first self-tinting glass and our renowned switchable glass, we have a variety of products not offered by traditional suppliers. We love a challenge and are passionate about making your designs come to life, so contact us today.