Using Custom Laminated Glass Panels to Enhance Your Building with a Modern Look

Using Custom Laminated Glass Panels to Enhance Your Building with a Modern Look
August 17, 2020 admin

Glass is an increasingly popular design feature in many building projects, but it can bring specific challenges for the builders who use it.

Although glass provides ample natural light and allows a given space to feel more open, some critics are concerned with its structural integrity. Polystrong laminated glass panels solve this problem by including a binding structural layer that holds the panel together even if the glass itself is shattered. As such, laminated glass offers an innovative way to incorporate glass into modern structures without worrying about safety concerns.

Understanding the Differences Between Various Laminated Glass Panels and Choosing Suitable Options

Builders who wish to use laminated glass in their projects should be aware that there exists a range of quality within the spectrum of available products. Much of the laminated glass available in Australia is mass-produced, which can make the laminate layer obvious when an observer is in proximity of the edge of a frameless panel. However, it is possible to find custom laminated glass solutions that provide the same (or better) structural integrity while creating a much cleaner and more upscale aesthetic. Custom laminated glass companies are rare but using one when you find it can provide you with noticeably superior results in your construction.

Various Uses for Polystrong Custom Laminated Glass in Australia

Polytron Glass Australia has developed a reputation throughout Australia for the quality of its finished laminated edgework. We use a unique process that disguises the laminate in our glass panels and makes it appear that they are made from a single, seamless piece of glass instead. However, our frameless glass panels still provide the strength that users have come to expect from laminated glass, offering the best of both worlds to our clients. Our Polystrong glass panels are ideal for use in the following applications:

  • Handrail free glass balustrading for balconies and mezzanines
  • Oversized auto-doors
  • Corner butt-jointed facades
  • Hand-rail free stairwells
  • Pool windows and panels for pool fencing
  • Glass awnings for the entrances of residential and commercial buildings
  • Spider-fitting glass walls, often used in commercial construction.

We are also able to provide coloured interlayers and digitally-printed film to laminate on the inside of our glass products, which offer longer-lasting decorative solutions than vinyl decals and can allow for easy customisation by clients. Our in-house team of installers are adept at considering the specific requirements of each customer we serve so that you will always experience maximal benefits from using our custom laminated glass panels.

Take advantage of the versatility that glass panels offer when you purchase high-quality laminated panels from a trustworthy company such as Polytron Glass Australia and incorporate them into your building. Our first-class materials, detailed manufacturing process and competent installers will ensure that you are always satisfied with our work. For more details on how we can help you, contact us directly and speak with a member of our team who will be happy to provide additional information.