Upscale Your Office With These 8 Awesome Features

Upscale Your Office With These 8 Awesome Features
June 11, 2021 admin

Just like how we dress to impress in the business world, our office designs should follow a similar purpose. Upscaling your office can affect everything from staff performance to streamlining business practices, and it could mean the difference between a client going with your service instead of a competitor. 

Want to show you mean business by upscaling your office? Here are the essential things to cover when you plan the renovation. 

All The Magic Happens At The Desk 


alt="large wooden group office table"

The quickest way to ooze sophistication in your office is with a good desk. It’s where the most work is done, so there’s more than aesthetic value in picking a quality one. You’ll want something sturdy, reliable, with lots of storage space that doesn’t make it look too bulky. We think it’s hard to beat a custom hardwood work desk, but there are plenty of modern designs that add a contemporary style to your office. 

Cutting Edge Technology 

Commercial technology is always advancing. Implementing the best tech into your office opens you up to so many possibilities. For example, there are plenty of smart projectors and TV’s on the market that can help take your presentation skills to the next level. 

Switchable Glass

switchable glass bedroom

Picture this, you bring a client in for a meeting in your conference room, you both enter, and the windows fade instantly so you can enjoy conversation in complete and instant privacy. Switchable glass gives you more control of your privacy than any other equivalent. Avoid the awkward minutes it takes for automatic blinds to wind down, and never be annoyed by fiddling with curtains or other window shutters. There are no awkward silences with switchable glass. Just click a button and your glass windows or doors can go from transparent to opaque in a millisecond.

Multifunctional Furniture 


Your workplace should be creative, expressive and interesting, but above all else, it should be a functional space that promotes productivity. Give your employees the ability to work at their own level by incorporating some multifunctional furniture items. This means if someone wants to work on the office couch for a while, they can also pull out a desk to secure their laptop and notebook. Multifunctional furniture lets people work their way and not feel constrained by their workstations. 

A Trendy Interior Design 

A good interior design is what separates great workplaces from run-of-the-mill average offices. The modern office is flexible and dynamic. Workers get free range of where they want to set up for the day and aren’t caged into a cubicle. Business owners and fit-out specialists are opting for light, movable, ergonomic furniture to offer workers more freedom in the professional environment. 

Lightbulb Moment! Improve Your Lighting

Think bigger than your office’s existing overhead lighting. Add some extra functional and stylish light fixtures to upscale your office design. Also, look where you can improve natural light intake. 

Furnish The Floors 

akt="Large carpet in modern office"

Breaking the wide, cold, open office floors with a collection of rugs can really warmen your area. Endless white tiles, carpeted floor or concrete is monotonous, but some fun floor coverings can add depth and style to a space. They’re perfect for hang-out areas or chill zones where people may want to kick their shoes off for a moment and enjoy the soft floor. 

A Statement Piece That Will Make Your Office Memorable 

Make sure workers and clients leave with something to talk about when they leave your office. A great statement piece at the bottom line is something that brings joy in the office. But, it also helps make an impression on clients. If a large art piece or statue welcomes clients when they walk into the building, chances are your service will stay hot in their mind as long as they’re thinking about your decor. The possibilities are endless with what you can include here. Pick something that matches the theme of your office design, but stands out enough to get the attention it deserves. 

Want to take your office design to the next level? Be like no one else with Polytron Switchable glass. Enjoy ultimate privacy and the ability to transform your office at will. If you’re interested in our services, contact us today.