Tips For Designing A Modern Office

Tips For Designing A Modern Office
October 18, 2021 admin

If you’re an office manager, business owner or even receptionist tasked with the job of planning a modern upgrade to parts, or all of your office space, you might be wondering what features to include to get the most out of your money, and produce the highest level of productivity from your staff.

Ultimately, environmental factors like temperature, airflow, light and noise can indeed impact your workflow throughout the day, so more and more offices are taking on an employee-centric approach to their redesign. Read on to find out some of our best tips for designing a modern office that will boost mood and encourage productivity.

Tips For Designing a Modern Office

Consider An Open Plan Layout

Open plan layouts help foster collaboration, provide better communication and allow staff to learn from each other at a faster pace. While they do have their disadvantages when it comes to noise, an open office layout can be paired with some closed spaces or private offices to give options to those who feel they need a moment away. Regardless of this small drawback, open planned offices are becoming more and more popular, as they are also cheaper, and reduce the requirement for excess office equipment.

When trying to achieve an open plan layout, look to knock down or remove any partition walls and rearrange the desk layout to face together, rather than side by side. If you have a bigger company that does require some segmentation, you can still achieve ‘open’ by providing larger desks with multiple workstations to group employees by their department or team.

Opt For Switchable Glass Throughout

Polyvision Switchable Glass has a number of modern office applications and it is especially useful in boardrooms and private offices. For individual offices, switchable glass can offer an extended range of control over privacy and accessibility – allowing senior employees to close their doors (reducing noise) but leave their glass on transparent or opaque, depending on whether they are in a position to interact or whether they need privacy for the task at hand.

Likewise, switchable glass in the boardroom can offer a similar level of control. In the boardroom, it allows staff members to indicate whether a meeting is in progress and if that meeting requires privacy. Basically, what switchable glass does in an office space is transforming the norms of an ‘open door policy’ to further revolutionise productivity and empower staff in their roles.

Create Sit & Stand Spaces

The human body is not built to be static for eight hours a day, and the topic of ergonomics has become incredibly important in modern office environments. Whether you are supplying your staff with height-adjustable desks, or simply purchasing several taller desks for those who wish to stand periodically, this is one of the key components of a modern office. Beyond the health and wellbeing factors, we’re far beyond the days of sitting in one cubicle all day, every day of the week. These days, employees expect some level of flexibility in their workstations, so it is important to consider this when designing your office refurbishment.

Introduce More Natural Light

It’s no surprise that modern offices almost always draw on elements of natural lighting because it is actually proven to be better for staff wellbeing. In 2017, Sleep Health conducted research that showed workers who are exposed to natural light in the day get better sleep, and that’s just one of many ways that natural light is becoming the be-all-end-all of modern office design.

The main way to include natural light in your office is simply to ensure there are enough windows on all sides to bring in the light, no matter the time of day. This can be achieved by using a product such as Polystrong Structural Laminate, which is known for its ability to withstand wear and tear. Structural laminate glass is also great for use in frameless glass fencing, glass flooring and awnings/ceilings – so, the possibilities are really endless here.

Decorate With Mood-Boosters

That desk plant that your colleague has is more powerful in the modern office than you may think. Turns out, the inclusion of plants and other greenery in an office can have a significant impact on the space. There is a lot of research happening as of late, discussing the impact that plants can have on indoor air pollution and quality, and regardless of the actual results, the perception is there for a lot of people. Furthermore, plants have been proven to help replenish capacity and attention, as they are a passive type of stimuli, rather than an active one.

Ultimately, the best advice we can give when redesigning or designing a modern office is to ensure you are staying relevant with all of the research around employee engagement and wellbeing. Better yet, ask your staff what it is they want to see in the office design and go from there.

If you are looking at installing Polyvision Switchable Glass or Polystrong Structural Laminate Glass in your office, get in touch with us today. We specialise in glass that other companies would throw in the ‘too hard’ basket, and can manufacture custom glass panels for every solution.