The Incredible Benefits Of Structural Laminate Glass

The Incredible Benefits Of Structural Laminate Glass
November 29, 2021 admin

Structural glass laminate is the design solution that merges security and style. Modern, contemporary design is achieved with structural glass laminate, also commonly referred to as safety glass or security glass.

There are plenty of benefits that come with installing security glass in homes and commercial spaces. Read on to discover why you should be installing structural laminate glass.

Secure & Safe

It’s in the name. Security glass is a notoriously safe alternative to other glass options. The laminated glass is made with two or more sheets, and these sheets are held together by an interlayer. If the glass were to break, it stays held together by the interlayer. This stops the glass from shattering into tiny pieces. Instead, the glass stays stuck to the interlayer and creates a smashed ‘spider web’ effect on the glass.

The way structural glass laminate is made means it’s incredibly useful in maximising domestic and commercial security. This prevents successful break-ins or forced entries, as the glass remains in place. Security glass can even withstand repeated blows from heavy objects, such as hammers, crowbars or bricks. It also improves safety in the case of accidental impact on the glass – making it ideal for those with families.

Achieve a Frameless Look

With structural glass laminate, you achieve a frameless look instead of using balustrades. With a frameless finish, your views remain unobstructed, which makes spaces feel larger and more open. This innovative design solution looks incredible without compromising on safety.

Create a Modern Look

Structural glass laminate goes hand in hand with the modern designs we see today. Walls made only of glass, skylights and other glass features in the home make interiors feel far more spacious and inviting.

Boost Natural Light

The modern design choice of including more windows in homes and commercial spaces helps flood our interiors with natural light. Plus, installing more structural glass laminate in the home and thus increasing the natural light can have positive effects on mood.

Safe in the Event of Hazardous Weather

You can imagine if structural glass laminate is safe in the event of heavy impact from would-be burglars, it is highly safe in the event of weather. In severe weather conditions, safety glass will be highly resistant to shattering and causing further risk.

Reduce Noise Pollution

When you’re in your home, you don’t want to be hearing the sounds of noisy neighbours, loud lawnmowers or traffic. Structural glass laminate helps to reduce any external noise from infiltrating your home.

Plenty of Applications

Structural glass laminate can be used across a wide array of applications. It can be used for windows, doors, skylights, glass awnings and glass ceilings, glass flooring, stairwell and void glazing, external and internal balustrading, pool fences, staircase railings and more. You’re only limited by your imagination!

Install Polystrong Structural Glass Laminate

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