The Impressive Capabilities of Switchable Glass Windows, Panels & Window Film

The Impressive Capabilities of Switchable Glass Windows, Panels & Window Film
August 17, 2020 admin

Around the year 1965, nanotechnology research in New York discovered switchable glass.

By using electricity to control light passing through a switchable window film, scientists managed to make a window that can switch from transparent to opaque. This unrefined design was applauded for its futuristic qualities. As the ability to create new glass structures progressed, switchable glass has found many new and exciting purposes.

Today we find switchable glass windows in homes, boats, offices, art, and a handful of other intriguing applications on the Australian East Coast. Practical uses for switchable glass include privacy and sun protection. With the increasing durability of glass, switchable windows are being made that remain functional for about two decades. Innovations to this technology come about continually, and the possibilities are beginning to appear endless.

When activated, switchable glass panels block light from entering a window, which prevents visible light from entering or exiting the window. This allows a window to show a scenic view or to be fully opaque and private with the convenience of a switch.

Older patent models for such glass bare the thin film that makes the window switchable on the surface of the window. This is less efficient design because the film can be easily damaged this way. With the technologies available today such as Polyvision switchable glass, the film is housed on the inside of layers of glass that are seamlessly laminated together. This design keeps the window both clear as day and dark as night as needed for many years, without necessitating replacement.

The Exciting Future of Switchable Glass Technologies

This switchable glass technology is used today in various smart displays. Some businesses animate their logos using automatic switchable glass features. In luxury home design, it is an effective permanent replacement for a shower curtain in bathroom installations.

With tempered, laminated glass that can hold switchable film within the centre, these windows have the required durability for outdoor use. Some cities are considering making public art installations out of switchable glass. Simple display mechanisms such as clocks, charts, and advertisements are harnessing the many uses of switchable glass as well. As this technology moves toward the realm of mainstream scientific progression, many more possibilities are catching interest, such as switchable glass digital electronic displays. It seems the futuristic science fiction computers from old movies aren’t far away from becoming a reality.

Interested in Purchasing or Installing Switchable Glass Panels?

For the entire Australian continent, Polytron operates from the Gold Coast of Australia and has high-grade switchable glass available for homes, businesses and any other necessary purposes.

With certified and qualified teams involved with the processes of manufacturing, distribution and installation, new optimisations of switchable glass are developed every day.

Polyvision glass is unique among the available options for switchable glass because of its weather-resistant and shatterproof design. The Polytron creative engineering team is willing to test the realm of possibility of their glass products to the most original extent. If you would like a switchable glass installation or your home or business, we can arrange a quote at any time.
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