Structural Glass Laminate: What Is It & Where Can You Use It

Structural Glass Laminate: What Is It & Where Can You Use It
November 23, 2020 admin

Glass continues to be a popular choice for interior and exterior design applications. This contemporary, stylish design feature brings natural light into spaces, creating an open and inviting space. 

Structural glass laminate has, therefore, become a highly favoured design solution that is both modern and practical. Read on to learn more about what structural glass laminate is, and where you can use it. 

What is it?

Laminated glass is made by using two or more sheets of glass and bonding these with an interlayer. If the glass were to smash, it is held together by this interlayer. As the layers of glass remain stuck to the interlayer, this prevents the glass from shattering into tiny pieces. Instead, it creates a distinct “spider web” effect when smashed. Hence, structural glass laminate is often referred to as “safety glass”. 

cracked laminated glass

Why use it?

When a completely frameless look is desired, this durable glass product can be used in place of balustrades. Structural glass laminate offers a seamless design solution that looks amazing, without compromising safety and security. It allows views to remain unobscured, creating the illusion of a larger and more open space. This crafts a highly modern and welcoming space. 

Additionally, structural glass laminate is considerably safer in the event of damage. It offers improved security against accidental injury, severe weather conditions, and attempted break-ins. 

Where can you use it?

There are so many functional and stylish applications for laminated glass. Some common applications include pool windows, glass flooring, glass skylights or ceilings, frameless glass walls, structural glass fins, structural stanchions and glass stairwell steps. 

glass pool fence

At Polytron, we offer an extensive range of Polystrong Structural Laminate products. Whether you’re after annealed glass laminate, toughened glass laminate, Low-E glass laminate or tinted glass laminate, we’re confident we’ll bring you a design solution that is both safe and stylish. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more.