Queensland Modern Architecture: Winter 2021 Trend Report

Queensland Modern Architecture: Winter 2021 Trend Report
June 17, 2021 admin

The cold change has certainly hit us in Queensland. In fact, we may even see snowfall in the sunshine state soon! With the change in seasons, we’ve noticed a change in design trends, too. Queensland architecture has always come with an undeniable charm. But as we make our way into winter, we’ve noticed some prominent winter design trends take off in Queensland. Without further ado, check out our 2021 trend report for Queensland modern architecture. 

Queensland Modern Architecture Winter 2021 interior design Trends

Large kitchens

The open, welcoming and large kitchen has steadily grown in popularity over the last decade. But large kitchens have rapidly increased in popularity over the last 6 months, solidifying this architectural trend as a must-have for Queensland homes.  

We can’t deny that food has become a major centrepiece of Australian culture. This trend has spilled over into our architecture – namely, our kitchen designs. Now, kitchens are far more than a space to prepare meals. Designers and architects in Queensland are now building homes around the kitchen; positioning kitchens as the heart of the home. Queensland kitchen designs in 2021 are open and large enough to let everyone join in. 

When this design trend comes to life, we tend to see island benches large enough for family and friends to gather around. Instead of a boxed-in breakfast bar, island benchtops function virtually as a table and cooking space in one. They allow us to socialise with one another, while being open enough so that people can look beyond the kitchen and enjoy outside views. 

Along with large kitchens, more and more homes are integrating Polyvision switchable glass into their kitchens; for their splashbacks. These allow homeowners to let the natural light in during the day, and enjoy full privacy at night with just the flick of a switch. 

Homes built on sustainability

The climate crisis is slowly but surely changing the way we live in Australia. While Australia has fallen behind in our efforts to fight climate change, architects are getting on board with sustainability efforts, and have increasingly implemented sustainability into their designs.

One popular sustainability-focused trend in Queensland has been building homes that face north. This is especially perfect for homes located in South East Queensland. This design trend leverages natural conditions and offers improved livability in our homes. Northern facing homes afford all day sun (a godsend in winter) – covering homes with beautiful natural lighting. This orientation also helps homes capture the breeze, encouraging natural ventilation – particularly in coastal homes. This improved ventilation has us reaching for air conditioning remote far less, reducing our energy consumption. 

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Natural textures

We live in an age where screens and technology are ever-present. Plenty of us want a break from our digitally saturated day-to-day life. This has seen natural textures take off in Queensland homes. This winter 2021 design trend aims to balance the hard LED screens we interact with for hours a day, with strong, natural-looking textures. 

Rustic looking wood where we can feel the grain, natural stone, wool and linen are all textures that have spiked in popularity recently. People want to include “perfectly imperfect” materials into their homes. We’re moving away from materials like marble-look porcelain or sleek man-made surfaces, towards natural materials we can feel and see.  

Cheerful colours

Since the pandemic, most of us had to spend some amount of time in lockdown. Naturally, the last thing anyone wants when they’re stuck at home is a bleak, dark and depressing space. To make homes more cheery, more and more homeowners are adding splashes of colour to their space. 

Queensland designers are opting for warm colours, such as yellows, for our homes. While yellow may seem an intimidating colour to play with, there are plenty of hues to choose from, including mustard, ochres, warm beige and even bold yellow. 

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Lush spaces

Lush, tropical foliage is a modern trend that’s here to stay in Queensland. Having greenery spill over apartment balconies or nestling an array of plants on front verandahs has only become more popular in 2021. This also encourages natural wildlife, such as birds, to enjoy our green spaces with us.

Indoor outdoor living 

Along with including more and more plant life in our homes, architects are relying on switchable glass to help bring the outdoors indoors. With switchable glass windows, homeowners can enjoy their lush backyard views for as long as they want, and can switch back to opaque as soon as they want more privacy.  

Architects in Queensland are also using a range of other tips and tricks to embrace indoor-outdoor living. One design trend is to use similar flooring for indoor and outdoor areas. Pairing this with fold away doors and subtle tracks makes for a seamless indoor/outdoor living style. 

Timeless design

Trends are exciting in any industry – but they’re especially compelling when it comes to architecture. But perhaps one of the most common requests from Queensland homeowners is timeless, functional architecture. Polyvision switchable glass is a stylish, functional and exciting trend that won’t be going out of style any time soon. It offers privacy and security with architectural integrity and can be used across multiple areas of the home. If you’d like to learn more about Polytron’s Polyvision switchable glass, or any of our other glass products, be sure to contact our helpful team.