Purchase a Glass Awning, Balcony, Fin or Wall and Change Your Property in Noticeable Ways

Purchase a Glass Awning, Balcony, Fin or Wall and Change Your Property in Noticeable Ways
August 17, 2020 admin

Glass has often been referred to as the fundamental material of modern architecture, and it’s easy to see why it’s become so popular in many buildings within the past few decades.

Not only does glass let in plenty of natural light, but it can also be configured into surprisingly resilient products — primarily when used in conjunction with laminates and other supplementary materials. The ease with which new technology and techniques allow glass businesses to manufacture and install these products makes it simple and convenient for a wide range of customers to take advantage of them, including individual homeowners and builders or construction companies.

How to Incorporate Glass in Modern Structures

There are several effective ways to add glass to your structure, whether you are the owner of the building or are building it for a client. The following projects can all improve the appearance of a structure considerably while adding tangible value to it:

    1. Add a glass awning: many awnings are made from cloth, but a glass awning offers greater durability and will protect the area underneath from wind and rain more reliably than canopies made from other materials.
    2. Fit a glass balcony: Using glass for the balcony you’re building can create extra visibility and give the impression that your space is larger than it is, whilst enjoying seamless views. Using Polystrong SGP Structural laminate we install a completely frameless balustrade that is strong and safe. In the event the panel is severely impacted, the SGP Structural interlayer will continue to hold the glass together, so that safety is not compromised at all.
    3. Install glass fin supports: large glass walls require support, but sizeable and obtrusive supports can easily compromise the aesthetic they are intended to produce. Glass fin supports offer the highest possible transparency while providing robust support for such walls.
    4. Put up a glass wall: what good are fins without a glass wall to support? Putting glass walls in commercial or residential buildings is an excellent way to let in more light from the outside without exposing an indoor area to the elements. Polytron supplied frameless glass hardware suitable for glass walls, such as spider fittings.

    Choosing Your Glass Awning, Balcony, Wall or Fin

    Polytron Glass Australia manufactures and installs high-quality, premium frameless glass for all the purposes listed above. We work throughout Australia to ensure that our clients can always count on safe, strong, and beautiful glass panels for their structures. One of our most significant innovations is our Polyvision Switchable Glass, which offers users the ability to control the transparency of their glass fixtures with the simple flick of a switch. This removes the need for clumsy curtains or shutters and creates a sleek, futuristic look that brings any building into the 21st century.

    Invest in glass from a company that will make sure your wall, balcony, or awning stand out and lasts. Contact the professionals at Polytron Glass Australia as soon as you can and speak to someone on our staff who can tell you more about our products or help you place an order.