Arden Architecture - Crisp & Seamless Structural Glass Balustrade

This modern office space valued openness, which led them to choose Polystrong Structural Laminate for all their railing and balustrading.

Our products were used in an office with a great view, and the client wanted to preserve their stunning lookout. The solution was crystal clear, frameless structural laminated glass.

About the Client

Arden Architectural Staircases provide top-notch engineering and management services for the commercial building and construction sector. Simply put, they design awe-inspiring staircases that do more than just take you up a storey; they’re a feature themselves.

The client is responsible for designing, fabricating and installing superlative, contemporary staircases. Arden Architectural partnered with the Polytron team for a product that not only looked great but was structurally sturdy and promised long-lasting performance in the commercial environment.

For this floating staircase, the client was after seamless, thick square glass panels that married well with the office’s industrial themed tones. Our premium CNC Polished Laminate Edge Finish (Polystrong) was the clear choice because it’s sleek, modern and doesn’t compromise on security.

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What We Did

After discussing the plans with their architect, Polytron fabricated a combination of 39.04 SGP & 21.52 PVB Laminate panels to provide symmetrical balustrading from the ground floor to the second level, plus additional safety railing on the upper storey.

The staircase was positioned right by an expansive window with an impressive view of the surrounding area. Solid balustrading would block that view for many people on the lower floor and create unwanted shadows in the common area. Obviously, they wanted to keep their view as clear as possible, which is why they wanted Polystrong glass.

The end result established openness in the office and let natural light flood the main area.

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Benefits of Structural Glass Balustrading

Glass is a pinnacle of modern architecture; after all, most contemporary buildings couldn’t physically exist without it. The lightweight yet durable material means you can do much more than what’s possible with wood, steel and concrete.

Our Polystrong Structural Laminate is an engineered solution designed for balustrading applications, where a completely frameless look is desired. This great looking product complies with Australian business standards without having to use obscuring handrails. It’s clean and, best of all, non-distracting, so the other attraction points of your business can do the talking.

If you’re searching for the right company to fabricate custom, structural glass for your project, look no further. Polytron Glass Australia offers you a quick and seamless solution.

We’re based in the Gold Coast and can service the entire SEQ region quickly and effectively. Contact us today.