What is it?

With just the flick of a switch, Polyvision Switchable Privacy Glass is transformed from opaque cloudy to completely transparent glass. The glass can be installed as a wall, dividers, windows and pretty much anything else you can think of.

What are the Benefits?

Privacy and security with architectural integrity

Visual attention to interior and exterior design

No distracting shutters and drapes that harbour ducts and bacteria

Beauty and functionality combined

Serves as a projection screen and has glass board capabilities

Infrared Radiation and UV Ray protection

Can be retrofitted

How Does it Work?

Polyvision PLDC Film is sandwiched between two layers of glass and various adhesive interlayers before being cooked in a high-pressure oven. This binds the two layers of glass together, encapsulating the inner layers.

Electrical wires exit two or more corners of the laminated glass, which are connected to a transformer and a power source.

When electricity is applied, the liquid crystals inside the glass laminate orientate on a molecular level that allows light to shine through. When electricity is turned off, the crystals scatter and the Polyvision Switchable Privacy Glass returns to its dormant, white opaque state (Privacy mode).

Polyvision Applications

What happens if there is a power failure?

As Polyvision is turned ON when in transparent mode, the product will return to its original state (Opaque – Privacy Mode) in the event of a power supply failure, therefore not compromising the users’ privacy.



Starting at 9.92mm (4mm Glass + 1.92mm Interlayer/Film + 4mm Glass = 9.92mm)


1826mm x 3506mm. (Minimum glass thickness for this size: 15.44mm)


Low Iron, Clear, Tinted Grey, Tinted Grey, Tinted Blue, Vanceva Saflex Coloured PVB Interlayers


Any shape, including holes & cut-outs. (Polyvision with cut-outs or holes must be toughened)


Storage -10deg C to 70deg C. Accelerated Life Testing >25 Years


Driving Voltage 65 +/- 5 Volts A.C




OFF (26 DEGREES C) <100ms


ON (26 DEGREES C) Approx. 15W/m2


VLT – ON = <76%, OFF = <1%

A Few Important Notes

Payment Terms:

50% of the cost must be paid upfront and the remaining balance will be due before despatch or installation is booked.

Production Lead Time:

Light weight Polyvision Switchable Privacy Glass can be manufactured in under 10 business days. Toughened, Oversized, Double Glazed Polyvision is a four week production lead time (Subject to market conditions and quantity).

Polvision Delivery methods:

Custom A-framed Timber Crate (forklift required to receive cargo)
Factory delivery via side-loaded Glass-racked vehicle

Installation Method:

Polyvision Switchable Glass Laminate is to be installed by a qualified glazier according to AS 1288-2006 Standards. Polytron Glass Australia has preferred glazier’s located nation-wide.

How to specify?

Polytron Glass Australia services architects, builders, glaziers and home-owners nation-wide.

As Polyvision Switchable Glass is a fully customisable product that is manufactured to adhere to Australian standards; Polyvision glass type is determined by our team according to the specific application and glass sizes.

There are a few factors that affect Polyvision Glass specification.
Please contact us to obtain accurate pricing and installation/framing requirements specific for your project.

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