Polyvision Switchable Privacy Smart Glass Windows or Panels are the Smart Choice

Polyvision Switchable Privacy Smart Glass Windows or Panels are the Smart Choice
August 17, 2020 admin

Smart glass provides much value for windows, glass panels and doors. Not only does it protect from impact and environmental elements, such as wind and rain, but it offers shade and insulation from heat and cold.

Many companies use smart glass and dependent on quality; it might be impossible to tell the difference between those who use and those who don’t. If you want to preserve your glass, add privacy to your space, or have added protection from harsh temperatures, you’ll want to invest in smart glass.

Polyvision Glass Australia is a custom glass lamination company that focuses on manufacturing and installing high-quality glazing products and hardware, such as our Polyvision Switchable Smart Glass and Polystrong Hand-Rail Free Balustrade Systems.

We’ve been in business for nine years and are located on the Gold Coast. However, our services cover Australia nationwide. Our products are used by leading interior designers and architects and are customisable and energy efficient, so we have the capabilities to provide a uniquely laminated glass for an extensive range of applications.

Products That Are the Top Choice for Smart Glass Panels, Windows and Doors

The benefit in using Polyvison Switchable glass is in its longevity. With the laminate being inserted between two layers of glass, the film is protected from environmental elements and impact. With our laminated products, your smart glass windows or panels could last up to 20 years, saving you money instead of using a self-applied film which tends to have a much shorter lifespan.

Our smart glass is low maintenance and easy to clean. We produce smart glass in many sizes, with our biggest size of 1820 mm x 3500 mm being the largest in the world. When it comes to discretion, our privacy smart glass offers the perfect solution, being customiseable with laminated coloured vanceva interlayers or laminated, coloured tinted glass. Whatever you choose, our glass is modern and sleek, removing the need for dusty drapes and blinds. You can even eliminate the hassle of cleaning with Enduroshield treated glass that’s self-cleaning and mainly used in an external window or fully framed bathroom applications.

Smart Glass That’s Limitless in Where It Can Be Used and Who Can Use It

We have clients in virtually every industry you can think of and supply customised laminated glass to those in the commercial, residential, and marine sectors. Our clients have confidence in us as we deliver a professional finished product from start to finish, meeting their specifications and preferences. You can be sure that you’re getting a product built to last.

Our products meet Australian Safety Standards, being produced per lamination criteria and our glass is deemed an A grade safety product.

You’ll have peace of mind with our equally high-quality service. We eliminate the middleman by providing everything you need. You don’t have to waste time and energy going through a list of suppliers to find switchable smart glass that’s brilliant, long lasting and provides the best result.

Ready to equip your glass structures with smartly laminated glass that offers shield and protection? Contact us today to access the finest glass that this side of the Gold Coast and Australia has to offer.