Must-Do Updates For Your Next Retail Storefront Renovation

Must-Do Updates For Your Next Retail Storefront Renovation
June 17, 2021 admin

How do your customers feel when they enter your store? Welcomed? Happy? Excited? Ideally, your customers should feel like welcomed guests in your retail space. The first step to take when making our guests feel welcome in our store is by having an inviting shop storefront. 

If your shop is looking a tad lacklustre, perhaps it’s time you considered a retail renovation. Investing in a renovation for your retail store will improve both the customer experience and the day-to-day experience for your staff. Read on to discover the must-do updates for your next retail storefront renovation. 

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Fresh Paint Job

One sure-fire way to breathe life into your retail storefront is with a fresh coat of paint. If your store has always embraced neutral colours, consider bringing in some fresh new colour. Slapping some colour onto your exterior can dramatically improve the visibility of your store. But don’t forget the inside, too. A fresh paint job for your interior is easily noticed from outside your store. 

Install Security Glass

Installing security glass is an easy (and effective) way to protect your store from intruders.  Polystrong security glass has been engineered to offer maximum security and maximum style. It’s the perfect, secure choice for retail shopfronts to use when a sleek, frameless look is desired. 

This laminated glass bonds two or more sheets of glass with an interlayer. If the glass were to smash, it would not shatter – as it is held together by this interlayer. The damaged glass creates a distinct “spider web” effect. Because Polystrong structural glass laminate is shatterproof, it is often referred to as ‘safety glass’. Installing this glass protects your retail store from intruders, and in turn, gives you and your staff greater peace of mind.

Get Creative & Clever With Your Store Layout

We all know how important visual merchandising is. We need to be strategically placing merchandise so that it is aesthetically pleasing, and will encourage lingering in high demand areas of the retail space. 

Strategic visual merchandising also plays an important role in enticing customers into your store, and is a critical component for your shopfront. When renovating your shopfront, try to take this time to evaluate your store layout. Be sure to critically consider whether your promoted merchandise is situated in prime locations. Ask yourself if your displays are standing out, and whether they are standing out for the right reasons. Ask yourself if passers-by will notice your key displays and will want to learn more. If you think you need to improve how your displays function from both inside and outside your store, take this time to re-strategise your visual merchandising.

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Update Your Signage

Customers can walk by countless signs in a store and still not notice a sale is on until a staff member tells them. While this phenomenon will probably stick around, we can try to combat this by improving our signage. Perhaps try new colours or new fonts, that will clearly stick out when customers view your store from the shopfront. Plus, make sure they are clear and noticeable when customers have entered the store too. You may also choose to update your sign holders too. If you are using plexi for your signs, consider changing to frames for a bold look. 

LED Lights

LED lights are an affordable investment that any retail store owner should consider. The placement of LED lights in retail stores is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. They flood the retail space with bright, engaging light. They lift up retail spaces dramatically, drawing customers in effortlessly. With improved lighting, we can (literally) shed more light on our products, further improving the retail experience. 

Crafting a retail experience for our customers that is engaging, fun and exciting is key to the success of any retail store. Making sure our store is as inviting as possible from the shopfront is a game changer for any retail business. At Polytron, we’ve provided structural glass laminate for countless retail stores in Australia. We craft glass solutions that are stylish and secure. Be sure to contact our helpful team if you have any questions about our products and services.