Multifunctional Features To Include In Your Home Designs

Multifunctional Features To Include In Your Home Designs
March 22, 2021 admin

Multifunctionality opens your home to new possibilities without costing you precious floor space. This trend has skyrocketed in popularity and is prevalent in smaller living spaces like apartments and townhouses. But no matter how much size you have to work with, the benefits of multifunctional design will always outweigh the cons. 

See below, the best multifunctional features you can incorporate into your home: 

Dual Function Tables 

The minimalism wave paved the way for these compact, multi-purpose table designs. Several different tables are available, but some include work tables that pull down from the wall; dining tables that morph into work benches/desks; and tables with hidden storage shelves inside. Each of these options can improve your storage ability while still taking up the same amount of space as a traditional table. 

Kitchen Counter/Dining Table Double

Two of the most oversized items in your living area are likely the kitchen and dining table. Several contemporary designs have combined the two to open up plenty of space elsewhere in the building. Consider a U shaped kitchen bench that wraps around a booth style eating area; or a half-half kitchen counter, dining table combo. 

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Built-In Dining Bench

Chairs are space-consuming. Integrating a bench into your home design gives you much more flexibility for seating options. A long, wall-integrated bench can replace half the chairs needed for your dining table, and you’ll always have plenty of seating options for guests. Restaurants have utilised this space-saving method for decades, and now residential areas have started as well. Make it twice as effective by adding drawers or pigeon holes underneath to increase your storage. 

Free-Flowing Walls

Minimise and maximise your space at will. Movable walls are excellent multifunctional features because they allow for versatile spaces. If you’re having a house party and want to open up your living room to include other rooms, these walls can fold or slide out of the way. Need a meeting room? Opt for acoustic walls to create a private meeting space. 

Switchable Glass 

The perfect fusion between privacy and aesthetic. Switchable glass panels demarcate an area and create a sense of openness. With the click of a button, smart glass can go from transparent to opaque. Interior windows can help open up a small area, but blinds and curtains are bulky. Smart glass doesn’t force you to compromise between privacy and spaciousness – you can have them both. 


switchable glass bedroom

Murphy Bed 

Beds can be cumbersome and take up most of a room. Murphy beds are perfect for when you want to make the most of your bedroom space. These are ideal for guest bedrooms which are not always utilised. When a bedroom isn’t in use, storing the bed is as easy as folding it up into the wall or storage cabinet. 

Mezzanine Floor 

If you’ve got a tall enough roof, a mezzanine level is a great way to layer a room. You can use the ground floor for one function and get extra storage above. Combine your bedroom with an office by having a study station on the ground and a sleeping area above. 

Whether you are designing a home for a client or thinking about multifunctional features to put into your own, Polytron Glass has exquisite glass products to add to your design. Contact us today to take your project to the next level.