Luxury Electric Window Film Switch from Transparent to Opaque

Luxury Electric Window Film Switch from Transparent to Opaque
August 17, 2020 admin

Architecture and design are two of the oldest professions in human civilisation. Thousands of years in progressing such fields have shown unbelievable results. Some of the possibilities that are realised today are incredible.

Who even discovered it was possible to have opaque windows that return to transparency on an electric switch? This is part of ground-breaking technology being developed off the Australian Gold Coast that is proving the strength and abilities of glass today.

How does Electric Opaque Window Film Work and What are the Applications?

Switchable glass was first patented in 1965, by a nanotechnology firm in New York. It is a resource that is still finding new purposes every day. Switchable glass variations are achievable for many glass structures, and panels are becoming more durable and lightweight than ever. Sealed seamlessly over an electric film that switches between opaque and transparent. Such technology has been adapted to assure there is no longer any need for compromise between an outside view and thorough privacy and security.

Adhesive opaque films are applied to the outside surface of a window by most manufacturers, in simple variations of the half-century-old design. The results are much less permanent this way. Such a film is nearly impossible to install seamlessly, and the laminate is left vulnerable to the elements instead of being protected by reinforced glass. Expensive maintenance and replacements must frequently happen with the older designs. By applying reinforcement and seamless glass seal technologies, switchable windows patented by manufacturers such as Polytron are projected to last two decades.

This increase in quality of electric opaque glass products is a result of research and development into the most durable, clear glass and switchable film. This laminate also prevents scratching and provides an extra layer of durability to the glass pane. Engineers decided upon this design with longevity and product reliability as their primary focus.

Frameless Glass Balustrades Introduce New Style & Engineering to Modern Architecture

Another new technology being developed in architecture is that of frameless balustrades; structures made of sturdy transparent glass are becoming a stylish update to the usual metal or wood railing.

The glass balustrades are surprisingly sturdy; tests have proven weight limits that exceed that of a typical wooden or steel handrail. Patented clamp technology holds the glass in place with even support, but its functionality remains intact to its fullest extent.

These unique luxury architectural items are designed with patented technologies that meet and exceed the mandatory Australian safety standards, all while allowing crystal clear visibility. Home design critics applaud these hand-rail free system for incorporating industrial strength in the design while appearing modern and luxurious.

Polytron Glass serves all of Australia from the Gold Coast with high quality innovative glass products. For about a decade, our technologies have been updating homes, boats, hospitals, and many other structures including advanced alternatives to electric opaque window film and modern frameless balustrades. Professional teams are available for assistance with certified installation, as well as price quotes on glass installations. We are available to assist you with your enquiries every work day, feel free to contact us with any questions.