How To Take the Steps To Become a Luxury Hotel

How To Take the Steps To Become a Luxury Hotel
September 12, 2021 admin

It’s every hotel owner’s dream to be ranked as one of the best in their area and in the ferociously competitive hotel and hospitality market, it’s a lot easier dreamed than done. With hotel heavyweights like the Hilton, the Mantra and the Marriot all set up in Australia’s CBD locations, it’s hard to imagine any independent or up-and-coming hotels could take the reins. It can be frustrating for the dedicated hotel staff that work tirelessly to provide the highest quality of service, but all hope is not lost. Any hotel can achieve 5-Star Rating, should they meet the rigorous 200-point criteria governed by Star Ratings.

Currently, 90% of Australians use Star Ratings’ independently reviewed Accredited Star Ratings to inform their travel decisions, so if you are considering upping your luxury factor, it’s also worth applying for a star rating once you’re ready. However, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Read on to find out what a luxury hotel really looks like.

Hotel housekeeper folding the sheets of a crisp white bed

Luxury Hotel Service & Staff

You would hope that your staff are all friendly, positive and attentive regardless of whether you own a boutique hotel or a family-friendly hotel resort. Either way, a luxury experience for the customer starts with the kind of service that makes a person feel glamorous. Some of the services that are expected at a luxury hotel include:

  • Dedicated concierge staff, reception, room service and valet parking, available 24 hours a day.
  • Interpreters or multilingual staff for international guests.
  • Daily housekeeping and nightly turndown service.
  • Ironing, laundry, shoe polishing and dry cleaning services.
  • Luggage storage, and exclusive transfers from the airport.
  • Fine dining and in-house lounge/bar facilities.
  • Childcare options.

You should also aim to have a high staff to room ratio, ideally above 2.5 staff per room, as well as dedicated guest elevators and facilities, separate from the ones your staff use.

Dark and modern luxury hotel suite

Must-Have Amenities & Your Competitive Edge

So, once you’ve got the staff and services down-pat, it’s time to look at your amenities and offerings. These are all of the elements that make the room itself feel deluxe so that when they are done lapping up all of your premium services, they can go relax in their own space and feel just as pampered. Some of the amenities that we’d expect to see in a 5-star hotel include:

  • An electric safe.
  • Laundry bags.
  • A TV with modern functionality (e.g. streaming services, international programming and phone mirroring).
  • A fully stocked mini-bar with an arrangement of teas, coffees, and even alcohol.
  • WiFi included in the cost of the room.
  • Outlets for personal electronics, including USB plugs.
  • A full-length mirror.
  • Dimmable lights.

With these things in mind, it’s important to also give your hotel rooms a competitive edge. What makes them more special than the other 5-star hotel next to you? That is where products like Polytron’s Polyvision switchable glass and other opulent features can really give you a leg up.

Deluxe hotel lounge and table filled with drinks and food

Comfort Is Paramount

And at the end of the day (quite literally), comfort is always going to be at the pinnacle of a good hotel experience. That is why comfort factors are so important to gaining ‘luxury hotel’ status. Plus, they are also evaluated as part of the Star Ratings mentioned earlier, so they are really not the area to get stingy with. Think about what creature comforts from home that you wish you could take to every hotel with you, and give your customers that level of consideration. We think that every luxury hotel should provide the following:

  • A plush bed and pillow combination (memory foam is great for this!) and high thread count sheets. Additional pillow options don’t go astray either!
  • Blackout shades for a good nights’ sleep.
  • Complimentary bathrobes, slippers, high-end toiletries and large towels.
  • Outdoor daybeds (especially around the pool)
  • Ice water, and food and beverage services – both in-room and in shared spaces.

If you manage to tick all of the above off your ‘luxury hotel checklist’ there is no doubt that you’ll be making it onto ‘Best Hotel’ searches in no time. 


The Future of Luxury Hotels

Now that we know what luxury hotels have now, what are we expecting to see in the future? Here are a few things that will become standard for all luxury hotels in the future.

  • Remote access to room lighting, air-conditioning, locks and the ‘do not disturb’ function.
  • Instant coffee machines in all rooms, as opposed to kettles.
  • Switchable glass in place of blackout curtains

Whether you’re already hot on the trail of becoming a luxury hotel or just doing your initial research, you can stay ahead of the curve by installing Polytron’s Polyvision switchable glass in your hotel rooms. One simple improvement can really up the ‘WOW’ factor of your guest experience, especially if you get in before all of those major chains get word of it.

Want to know more about Polytron’s product offerings and installation solutions? Get in touch with us now.