How To Increase Your Property Value In Brisbane

How To Increase Your Property Value In Brisbane
September 13, 2021 admin

It’s a homeowners nightmare to spend thousands of dollars on house improvements, only to find they didn’t add as much property value as initially thought. When you finish a big project, you want to reap the fruits of labour.

The key to success is spending money in the right areas, so your property is worth more on the market. The more time and money you have to put into it, the higher return you’ll receive.

When you have a whole house to work with, knowing which area will bring the most value to your property can be confusing. That’s why we have put together this guide to help you decide which features to upgrade first and which to put on the backburner.

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Preparing Your Home

People want to improve their properties for a variety of reasons. They could be getting ready to move, want to future proof their homes, or simply want to improve their quality of life.

No matter the reason, updating a property is rarely a spur of the moment idea. It takes time to plan a renovation or home improvement project. Even in the instance of a last-minute sell, you’d want to do some planning to maximise the worth of your home.

Firstly, to increase your property value, make sure it’s structurally sound and decently maintained. If you’ve got some structural issues, it’s important that you get these fixed before looking at other changes. Once that’s ticked off, it’s time to budget how much you can put into your renovations. Then finally, consider your location and which features will add the most value.

Your key areas are the places people use the most and notice first. These are your kitchen, bathrooms and living areas. Sprucing up the outside of your home is another important step to attract potential buyers.

If you want to learn the best ways to increase your property value, read on.

The Best Places That Add Value To Your Property

Large investments are the most likely to result in a large profit. But, it can be a huge gamble, and many people don’t have the time or budget to jump into it. Luckily, a few minor changes can dramatically improve your real estate property value when combined. Here are our tips to instantly add value to your home.

  1. Give it a fresh paint job.
  2. Replace or repair floorings.
  3. Update your windows and home features.
  4. Make the outside of your home look attractive.
  5. Maximise your outdoor living space.
  6. Update bathrooms and kitchens.
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Fresh Coat Of Paint

It’s amazing what a new coat of paint can do to a home. It’s an instant way to make your walls feel crisp and clean. Fresh paint is the most inexpensive investment that gets the largest return. Our Local Agent reports that a professionally finished paintwork can add up to 5% to your sale value. It also helps sell your house faster, which cuts down on the cost of having it on the market.

Colour trends come and go with the seasons, so pick something timeless when updating your wall paint. If you intend to live in your home for a while longer before selling, steer clear of trendy colour palettes because when it comes time to put your property on the market, that niche colour from a few years ago may no longer be in style.

New Flooring

Flooring deals with heavy traffic and is the most touched object in your home. Because of this, it tends to wear out before other places, especially soft materials like carpet. If your floors are looking a bit too worn in, it may be time to rip them out and install something fresh. Most floor installations can be completed within one day, so it’s a quick way to increase your property value in a pinch.

Alternatively, washing your carpet, replacing damaged tiles or sanding down floorboards and having them varnished may give your floors a new lease on life. Home remodelling expert Alex Biyevetskiy said that new hardwood floors increase the resale value of housing by 2.5% when done right. Hardwood offers the biggest return to sellers but is the most expensive. New tiles or laminate have plenty of benefits as well and cost less.

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New Windows & Features

Dated window frames are the easiest way to spot an old house. Even after a paint and interior makeover, unflattering glass is a clear tell of your home’s age. Installing new windows and glass features are a fantastic way to modernise a room.

For extra value, consider installing specialty glass, like self-tinting panels or switchable privacy glass. By utilising cutting-edge glass technology, your home’s value is sure to jump. Luxury features make your property stand out from the competition and improve its worth compared to standard options.

Fixing The Outdoors

First impressions count, and what people see first likely influences if they even come inside. Take time to clean the exterior of your home and do some landscaping.

Landscaping is one of the best things you can do outside of a house to improve your property value in Brisbane. Cam Merritt from SF Gate’s Home Guides writes, “This advantage ranges from 5.5% to 12.7% depending on the type of landscaping and the home’s original value.”

Revitalise Outdoor Areas

Aussies love the great outdoors! With our subtropical environment and bright days, outdoor entertaining is a staple of Australian culture. Because of this, investing in outdoor areas can significantly increase the perceived value of your home.

If you want to revitalise your outdoor area, here are some tips:

Add A Garden Office

Work culture has shifted lately, and more people are opting to work from home. When the main house is still bustling, a garden office is a perfect place to go. These small flats are an increasingly popular trend, that is simply an isolated room in the backyard. If you’ve got the room, these features can only cost about AUD$10,000 and are sure to improve your property estimate.

Install A Patio Or Carport

Outdoor living is synonymous with the Australian lifestyle. But, our conditions can be pretty intense, so many homeowners want a place to enjoy the sun without being in it. A patio offers a great spot to relax or entertain guests and gives your property an edge over somewhere that doesn’t have one. According to Today, a landscaped patio can increase your property value by 12.4 per cent.

Pools & Spas

A pool is more than just a great place to cool off; it can also add a good chunk to your home’s value. A survey conducted by Swimart found that 90% of pool owners believed their pool boosted the resale value of their house by an average of $30,000.

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Kitchen & Bathroom

These are two of the most function-focused rooms in your entire house. Each day they are expected to perform a job, while other rooms like the living area simply need to exist. Because of this, it’s important they work perfectly. LJ Hooker summarises that an average kitchen makeover costs AUD$22,000 and $75,000 for a deluxe remodel.

Sometimes one major change in the kitchen is enough to lift the room. If you’re on a budget, a change in splashback is a go-to option. Our switchable glass window splashbacks are a customer favourite. With the flick of a switch, you can go from enjoying your outside view to complete privacy in an instant.

A bathroom remodel can cost about $100 per square metre, according to HGTV. The great part is, you can get a return of up to $1.50 for every dollar spent on it. Those aren’t bad stats.

Bathrooms are made to be resilient, so they tend to last a while. Because of that, they run the risk of looking dated. It’s always a good idea to upgrade some features, be that the tiles, sink, shower, or toilet.

Simply switching out the faucets, taps and toilet for new styles is the fastest way to breathe new life into your bathroom.

Kitchen Tips

  • Convert closed areas into open-plan kitchens
  • Replace the cabinetry
  • Upgrade the appliances
  • Change the splashback

Bathroom Tips

  • Update the shower/bath style
  • Retile (e.g. floor, shower, splashback)
  • Repair your pipes and plumbing

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