How To Improve Your Airbnb Rating

How To Improve Your Airbnb Rating
November 11, 2021 admin

Standing out from the crowd on Airbnb is critical to your success on the platform, and on the wider scale of accommodation booking applications. You’re competing against countless other Airbnb’s in your region, and surrounding areas, as well as hotels your potential customers may also be browsing via external hotel booking websites.

With demand for travel sure to skyrocket in the near future, now is the time to make sure you are doing everything you can to improve your Airbnb ratings. Importantly, enough positive ratings can elevate your Airbnb profile to ‘Superhost’ status. This requires an overall star rating of 4.8 or above. As a ‘Superhost’, you instantly stand out as your potential customers scroll through their accommodation options. To achieve this status, you’ll be wanting to rake in as many five star ratings as you can. Continue reading for our top tips to improve your Airbnb rating.

Take a staycation

If you’re hosting an Airbnb but have never stayed in one, it’s time to get acquainted! Treat yourself to an overnight stay in a local Airbnb similar to yours, with a high average star rating. Notice how their service compares to yours. How your interactions with your host were, what you loved most about your stay, and how you think you could do better. After your staycation, replicate the good things you experienced!

Highlight the positives of your Airbnb property

Another important aspect of maximising your Airbnb ratings is your property description. You will need to really highlight every positive feature of your home. Perhaps you can state your home offers optimal security because you have installed Structural Glass for all your windows and doors. Maybe you have floor to ceiling windows that showcase your incredible view, another excellent feature that elevates Airbnb’s above the standard homes and hotels. Whatever perks come with your home, mention them!

Be honest in your property description

While your property description needs to get your customers excited to stay in your property, it also needs to tell the truth. You need to champion all the wonderful features your property offers without blatantly ignoring the negatives. You need to manage your customer’s expectations, and where negatives may lie, compensate.

For example, if you describe your small property as “contemporary and spacious” when it’s actually more “quaint and cosy”, you risk misleading your customers and therefore lowering your ratings. You also miss an opportunity to turn a potential negative into a positive. Your ideal target market might be after a cosy, smaller space anyway. Alternatively, they may acknowledge the space is small but realise other benefits of your Airbnb make this compromise worth it.

Ensure your property description is easy to understand

As well as being transparent, be sure to make your property description easy to understand, and be sure it includes all the relevant information the traveller will need to know for their stay – check-in details, rules for your home, etc. Mention the facilities available at your Airbnb, the amenities, and the overall style of the space.

Opt for professional photos

Also, make sure your photos are professional and high quality. You need to be using these images to highlight your home’s best features and even the best features of your local area – perhaps the beaches or the parks. When taking your photos, it is best to use a high-quality camera and natural lighting. Also, remember to take your photos in landscape as that will fit the Airbnb website standards. High-quality photos will play an integral role in boosting your bookings, and in turn, your ratings.

First impressions are everything

The moment your guests walk through the door of your Airbnb, they need to feel wowed. This moment represents the start of their holiday, so making it as happy and exciting a moment as possible will leave your guests with the memory of arriving at your Airbnb as the best way to start their holiday.

Be cleaner than clean

Of course, make sure your entire space is spotless. Your guest needs to feel as though they are the first person to stay in your Airbnb. The best way to achieve this, without the stress, is by hiring professional cleaners – especially if you regularly rent out your Airbnb.

Make your Airbnb a stylish stay

Next, you want to add style elements that set you apart from the competition. To make your guests’ trip a memorable experience, install striking design features that positively wow your guests. You may opt to install Switchable Glass to achieve this. Perhaps your shower doors will be made from switchable glass. Or maybe windows featured throughout the home are made from switchable glass. Regarding your furniture, it needs to both look inviting and appealing, while all tying in together to create a seamless interior design.

If your stay is equipped with luxury features, then people will be more likely to pay a higher price to stay in your Airbnb. Luxury features are a great way to increase your rating and the overall value of your accommodation experience.

Add personal touches to your Airbnb

You also need to add some personal touches to show you really care about your guests having the best time possible – and to show you really appreciate their support. This might look like a welcome message and/or goodbye message for your guests, complimentary essentials in the fridge like fresh milk and bread, an assortment of various tea flavours and coffee options, and other special touches you can think of.

Highlight the ‘Airbnb Experiences’

Airbnb listings can feature ‘Airbnb Experiences’. This is where Airbnb hosts can highlight unique experiences local to the area, such as cooking classes, guided hikes or sightseeing tours. This establishes a complete, end-to-end experience for guests, that goes beyond the walls of your property. Not only will showcasing your Airbnb experience help you get bookings in the first place, ‘Airbnb Experiences’ support positive ratings, as the guest would have had an enriched travel experience while staying at your property.

Review your guests

Of course, to boost your reviews on Airbnb, you need to be reviewing your guests. Both guests and hosts can leave a review within 14 days after the Airbnb stay. Instead of waiting until the end of the 14 day period, you are best off reviewing your guests early. They will then be notified you have left a review, but can only read it once they have left a review for you – or once the 14 day period expires – hence why you should be reviewing your guests early!

Wow your guests with Polytron Glass

One of the easiest ways to impress your guests is by installing Polytron Glass. With Polyvision Switchable Glass installations, you can instantly wow your Airbnb guests. Likewise, with Polystrong Structural Glass installations, you give your guests access to impeccable views. Contact Polytron to enquire about installing these products in your Airbnb or accommodation.