How to Create a Hi-Tech Smart Home

How to Create a Hi-Tech Smart Home
August 15, 2022 admin

Thanks to technology, the modern homeowner has a lot more freedom when it comes to designing their house. Hi-tech, smart homes can streamline your day-to-day jobs while also improving your comfort and security.

More and more homes are relying on smart technology, and after seeing all the benefits, it’s easy to understand why. We live busy lives, so if technology can remove some of the burdens, why would we argue?

What Benefits Does Home Automation Offer?

Creating your own personal smart home puts convenience at the forefront of your lifestyle, but a hi-tech home does a lot more than just make you more comfortable. There are several fantastic options that boost your home security and privacy.

The best part is, many smart home systems can work with each other, creating what’s called a ‘smart ecosystem‘. This means you won’t be overwhelmed with remotes and apps and can control almost everything from one point.

The First Steps

The first step people take into home automation and hi-tech improvements is purchasing a Google Home or Amazon Echo system, plus the network of integrated additions (lights, thermostat, speakers, etc.). But your hi-tech home can be so much more!

Our homes are more than just the places we live. They’re our workplaces, our new entertaining hubs and even places of learning. Home has become a place where we can pursue our passions, and smart home technology makes that easier and safer to do than ever. Check out all the ways you can upgrade your home below!

Smart Lighting

Imagine this, you’re in bed, reading or scrolling on your phone, and you start to doze off, but the lights are still on, and you don’t want to get up. We’ve all been there! Sure it’s a small problem, but hey, it’s your home, you’re allowed to complain about the small things.

What would you do if you could turn it off with your phone, or even dim it, or change the colour to a soothing, soft midnight glow. A smart lighting system gives you control of all these features and is one of the easiest home automation systems to install.

If you’re particularly guilty of not turning lights off when you leave a room, some smart light systems have motion sensors that can automatically turn on and off if they detect movement or not.

Smart Entertainment

We don’t know what school all these TVs went to, but like Mark Wahlburg would say, ‘they’re hella smort’. In fact, it’s almost impossible to find a ‘dumb’ TV anymore, especially with things like Google and Apple TVs, which transform older systems into interactive ones.

It’s pretty simple to find a network of smart entertainment systems that spread out from your TV. Thanks to artificial intelligence, things like Siri, Alexa or Google can link your entire entertainment system together, which means if you’re cooking up a storm and want to pull up a recipe video, all you have to do is call out, and your TV will listen.

Smart Heating/Cooling

Thermostats are nothing new, but now thanks to smart technology, they’re more accessible than ever. Let’s say you’re out for the day and want to come home to a cool or warm home without fiddling with timers or leaving your air conditioner on all day; now, you can activate your thermostat with your phone and enjoy the temperature you want without accidental energy costs. Just like lights, some heating and cooling systems can use sensors to turn off if nobody is using the room.

Smart Glass

Modern homes are centralised around natural light! As homes become more and more advanced, we’ve noticed more and larger windows. That’s because as our homes become more hi-tech, we want something that grounds us to nature, and natural lighting is the best way to achieve that. The problem with more windows is a lower level of privacy, which is a concern for many suburban and city homes!

Smart glass like Polyvision Switchable Glass gives you full control of your privacy. With the flick of a switch, smart glass can transform from crystal clear into opaque instantly. That means you can enjoy plenty of natural light when you want, and then when it’s private time, you can shift all your glass into block-out mode.

Home Security Systems

If home safety and security are a priority for you, smart technology really is the industry standard to keep your home safe. At the end of the day, locks can be broken or picked; sometimes, they can even just be left open by accident. Smart technology gives you a failsafe in case of a break-in and removes human error from the equation.

Smart home security ranges from locks to cameras and motion sensors that can all be accessed from a mobile device. Unlike most other items on this list, security systems can be harder to install and integrate with your ecosystem. You’ll struggle to find ways to connect with Alexa or Google, but that’s not saying it’s impossible. It’s best to let a professional set this up for you.

Master Control System

One big blockade you’ll find while implementing your smart home systems is accessibility. If you want to go past basics, you’ll eventually find that you’ll need to juggle separate apps and controls for different systems. The good news is there are multiple connected ecosystems that mitigate a lot of headaches, you just have to make sure any smart device you buy can integrate with your chosen system (Apple, Amazon, Google, etc.). For example, if you buy a Roomba, it can integrate with Alexa or Google Assistant-enabled devices but cannot work with other systems.

In the event you clash ecosystems, there are several control systems on the market that can combine multiple programs into one remote. A universal remote will help keep track of all your platforms in one handy device.

Smart Kitchen

Outside of the living room and the bedroom, the next most used room tends to be the kitchen. Smart kitchens take out some of the monotony of daily chores and jobs. Several brands have hit the market with smart kitchen items, from fridges to stoves. With the associated app, you can control your oven remotely, which allows you to preheat it while you’re travelling home or check if you accidentally left it on while you’re out. Smart fridges are perfect for people who love organisation. They help detect the types of items you store inside and can keep track of important details like expiration dates.

Small Appliances

It’s not just the big machines getting the smart treatment. Smaller appliances are feeling the love too. From smart coffee machines or toasters, there’s no shortage of devices that can make breakfast as streamlined as possible.

Want To Step Up Your Home’s Tech?

Technology helps thousands of Australians live their best lives each day. If you want to add Polyvision Smart Glass to your house, contact Polytron today! We can accommodate most requests and are happy to share our expert advice on how and where to use this magical glass. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how you can bring your home to life with Polyvision Switchable Glass!