The architecture and interior design of a hotel or restaurant is important in captivating patron’s and providing them a stunning and memorable experience.

Polyvision Switchable Privacy Glass provides instantaneous privacy and amazes patron’s in the process. A happy patron is a referring patron.

Polyvision Switchable Privacy Glass specification in projects is gaining more popularity in the design community because of its functionality and brilliance. It creates a space that feels larger, welcoming natural light.


  • Enhance natural lighting
  • Customise your aesthetic; the design possibilities with Polyvision are rich
  • Great energy performance when used in externally glazed application
  • Low Maintenance: clean the Polyvision Glass Surface using a non-abrasive window cleaner
  • Removes need of blinds and curtains.
  • Polyvision is an A-grade safety glass product 

Current design trend:
Bedroom/Bathroom Privacy Partition Screen


Hospitality applications for Polyvision Switchable Privacy Glass:

  • Hotel Conference/Function Rooms
  • Bedroom/Bathroom Privacy Partition Screen 
  • Restaurant VIP Areas
  • Restaurant Toilet Cubicles
  • Bar and Restaurant Projection Screens
  • Skylights
  • Penthouse Privacy Windows
  • Penthouse – Kitchen to
    Dining Room Divider
  • Wine Cellar Double Glazed Polyvision

Polyvision Switchable Glass Applications