Glass & Your Pool - How & Where To Use It

Glass & Your Pool – How & Where To Use It
January 18, 2021 admin

Pools are a staple of Australian homes. Hundreds of thousands of people enjoy cooling off in their backyard pool when the searing summers come around.

Despite pools being such a huge part of the Aussie identity, they can all seem a bit ‘same-old’. Metal fences and fibre-glass or tiled blue pools are commonplace and don’t have the same wow factor as they used to.  

So if you’re looking for a way to modernise your pool build or improve the aesthetic of an existing pool area, the answer you’re looking for is glass

Because of its durability, glass can make some fantastic, modern pool features that only take up a fraction of the space of other materials (like concrete). 

pool glass

Glass can help you make the most of your space – improve the view and function of your pool with these glass features: 

Glass Fencing Is Freeing

Traditional pool fencing often has a cage-like feeling or is obscuring and space consuming. This is why glass fencing has skyrocketed in popularity, especially in built-up areas where building owners want to make the most of their space. 

Glass fencing allows you to enjoy the view of your pool from any angle, and without squinting through pickets or metal poles. Good visibility is for more than aesthetic; with glass fencing, you can better monitor what’s happening inside your pool. So if you have children swimming, you can keep an eye on them without worrying about having your view obstructed.

Depending on your preference, you can choose between framed glass fencing (houses glass panes in an aluminium case), or frameless glass fencing (made from toughened glass panes), which are secured at the floor with no obstructing supports. 

Glass-Walled Pools

Glass-walled pools have cemented themselves as the pinnacle of luxury and style in modern architecture. You can use a glass wall to replace a set amount of walls for an entirely transparent look, so the water seems as if it’s suspended by magic. 

Our Polystrong Laminate is the perfect material for a durable, yet scenic infinity-edge pool, or other glass features. 

A glass wall gives you the ability to gaze into the water and see everything going on beneath the surface without the distortion you get at the water surface. Glass pool walls create the illusion that your area is more spacious than it actually is. They are ideal for small areas and can help prioritise space. 

You can also get creative and make spa add-ons out of glass to add a specialised touch to your pool. 

pool glass fence

Pool Windows

Unlike glass walls, which give you a total view into your pool, a glass window gives just a glimpse and can create a sense of wonder. With the help of the right builders, pool windows are the perfect way to merge the interior of your home with a mesmerising view of your outdoor pool. Your home can feel like a fantasy world with the view of water from your living room.

If you are building your pool at the same time as your home, you could design a window from within your house that peers into a balcony pool so you can see people enjoying your pool from inside. If your pool is being added on later, windows can improve the natural light which reaches your pool and can make it feel like you’re exploring a sunken submarine. 

These windows will turn your pool into the main feature of your home, giving it a touch that is not often seen in residential pools.

If you want to build your pool with quality, durable glass, contact the professionals at Polytron Glass Australia. Call at your first available opportunity and speak with someone on our team who can answer any questions you have about our materials or production process. This way you can make an informed decision the next time you need high-quality pool fencing. We look forward to helping you obtain beautiful glass that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.