Electric Switchable Glass, Electric Privacy Glass – Whatever You Call It, Tinted Smart Glass Windows are Great; Here’s Why

Electric Switchable Glass, Electric Privacy Glass – Whatever You Call It, Tinted Smart Glass Windows are Great; Here’s Why
August 17, 2020 admin

Even if you aren’t aware of electric smart glass, you have probably seen it around the Gold Coast area or wherever in Australia you live.

Also known as electric switchable glass, smart glass is glass that can change from opaque to transparent when you apply electricity (by simply pushing a button or flipping a switch).
When you activate the glass, you are applying electricity to the technology the glass houses, changing the amount of light the window will let through. These electric glass windows are often seen in large offices and luxury homes. However, as it becomes more affordable, it is becoming more attractive and more accessible to everyone. Affordable smart glass is now available for cars, boats, showers, homes, and many other things. Here are some of the things you’ll love about electric tinted glass.

Low maintenance

Traditional windows require a good deal of upkeep, and not all this maintenance is even about the window itself. Ordinary windows must be covered with curtains or shades, and these items require cleaning on a regular basis. Smart glass saves you time and energy because they need much less maintenance. All you’ll have to do is wipe them down on occasion to keep them from becoming dusty – and that’s about it. These windows allow you to control the amount of privacy you want, so there’s no need to cover them with curtains and, therefore, no need to wash curtains.

Money savings

Uncovered windows can raise the temperature inside your home or office, causing your air conditioner to work much harder. This is not only hard on the environment, but it costs you more money, too. Smart glass blocks almost all light out when on its opaque setting, keeping the room more comfortable while the air conditioner does less work.

UV protection

Electric privacy glass does more than merely provide privacy; it also protects you, your family or employees, and your belongings from harsh UV rays. Most ordinary windows do very little to block UV rays. Over time, exposure to these rays can put you at risk of skin cancer; more immediately, it can cause extensive damage to your furniture, carpet, and anything else in the room. When your furniture constantly sits in sunlight, it can fade dramatically and start to look shabby much earlier than if you protect it from this type of light.

Where to find electric switchable glass windows on the Gold Coast

It’s easy to see why electric tinted windows make such great additions to any home or office. At Polytron Glass Australia, we offer custom glass solutions including high-quality glazing products and hardware such as Polyvision smart glass and Polystrong handrail-free balustrade systems. Our smart glass meets stringent Australian safety standards so that you know you’re getting a premium, reliable product. Would you like to see how smart glass can transform your space – and your life? Contact Polytron Glass today with any questions to receive a quote.