Polyvision Switchable Privacy Glass provides a large variety of aesthetic privacy solutions for universities and schools.


Designing learning rooms that are bright, quiet, with little distractions is the perfect environment for encouraging learning.


When Polyvision is manufactured with acoustic interlayer, double glazed and/or installed in acoustic framing, noise distractions are reduced. When Polyvision is in Privacy Mode (Turned Off) it can be used as a projection screen and whiteboard.


  • Instantaneous privacy function
  • Improves student learning experience through reducing noise distractions, enhancing natural lighting and creative thinking.
  • A-grade safety glass product
  • Same maintenance requirements as standard glazing
  • Removes need of blinds and curtains.

Education building applications for
Polyvision Switchable Privacy Glass:


  • Tutor Rooms
  • Special Education Suites
  • Class Room Entry Doors
  • University Lecture Entry
  • White Boards

Polyvision Switchable Glass Applications