A Seamless Solution to Frameless Glass – for Railing, Shower Wall, Balustrade and Doors

A Seamless Solution to Frameless Glass – for Railing, Shower Wall, Balustrade and Doors
May 26, 2020 admin

If you have a frameless glass wall, door, or window, you’ll know the importance of having it laminated.

With the reality that these structures are impacted daily, whether by environmental elements or people, it can easily shatter, attract dirt, and invite cold or heat into the interior of the building. Using high-quality laminated glass instead of monolithic toughened glass on your frameless glass doors or walls can give them a polished look that lasts for decades.
When it comes to finding the right company to supply you with durable frameless glass, you don’t have to look too far. Polytron Glass Australia offers you a quick and seamless solution. We’re a custom glass fabrication company on the Gold Coast that’s been in business for nine years. Our focus is on manufacturing and installing high-quality products and hardware and our laminated product is unique.

You can trust that you’ll get exceptional service and results by choosing us. We customise virtually everything, offering tints to match your frameless balustrade or pool railing. Along with being able to provide colour and size customisations our switchable glass has been used in such unique instances such as a home’s double glazed ceiling and even as a glass floor to see into a garage below.

Laminate Manufactured to Last, Even in Your Frameless Shower Wall

Unlike self-apply adhesive laminates, our laminated glass won’t peel off at the seams. Even being regularly exposed to water, your new shower doors and walls will still look as good as new, for up to 20 years because we use an exceptional interlayer and our premium edgework finish feels like you are touching one piece of glass. This is ideal for frameless structures, such as a frameless glass railing or doors that sustain much usage. This type of edgework is rare to find in the industry and a favourite among glaziers and installers.

Another benefit of our laminated glass product is that we offer all the services you would usually need multiple suppliers for, under one roof. We go above and beyond with our service and negate the middle man.

Quality That’s Perfect for Every Frameless Glass Structure and Space It doesn’t matter where your frameless glass structure is located; we will produce a customised laminate to suit. Custom laminated glass is ideal for office partitions, conference rooms, bedrooms, shower screens, external windows, balustrades, hospitals, hotels, boats and more. We’ve provided services for several applications from residential to marine. With our customisation, the places and companies we can assist are almost endless.

Rest easy knowing that our high-quality products are backed by Australian safety standards and/or Engineering Certification. This means our laminated glass is deemed an A grade safety product that is energy efficient and used by leading interior designers and architects nationwide.

So, before your next poolside get-together, contact us to make sure your frameless glass railing, walls, and everything else is up to date with our high-quality laminate. Sought by others in the Gold Coast and throughout Australia, you’ll be glad you chose us.