5 Of The Best Uses For Switchable Glass In Your Home

5 Of The Best Uses For Switchable Glass In Your Home
October 27, 2020 admin

Switchable glass, commonly referred to as privacy glass, has become an increasingly popular alternative to curtains and blinds. Our Polyvision Switchable Privacy Glass merges style and practicality, making it an exciting addition to your home. Read on for our take on the best 5 uses for switchable glass in your home.

Privacy & Security

As suggested by the name, Switchable ‘Privacy’ Glass is a quick, easy and modern solution for maintaining privacy in the home. This glass can change from transparent to opaque with the just flip of a switch. This is highly useful for your windows and doors that surround the home.

UV Ray Protection

Aussie’s are no stranger to harsh sunlight, which can penetrate a room and make watching television or sleeping-in difficult. Aside from distracting you from your favourite Netflix show or your peaceful slumber, sunlight streaming into the house can lead to skin damage. Installing switchable glass is a great way to avoid harsh rays from penetrating the house, helping you prioritise your health and avoid harmful UV rays.

Master Bathroom Divider

Elevating the look and feel of your master bathroom is easy with switchable glass. The flexibility of having as much or as little visibility as desired where regular walls or windows could typically be placed is a unique and eye catching feature. Switchable glass also offers a much more open plan feel which will help to make your space feel even larger.

White Board Capability

If you have a home office or workspace, the addition of switchable glass will not just introduce privacy but also a great place to keep your notes. Switchable glass, when turned off, has handy glass board capabilities. This could also be a fun addition to a kids playroom to keep the scribbles off the wall and on to one of these much easier to clean boards. 

Kitchen Splashback 

Get ready to impress at your next dinner party. Using switchable glass for your kitchen splashback can become a memorable feature of your kitchen design. Showcase your lush garden while you’re cooking, or switch to a dull opaque setting and let the natural light stream in. 

Polytron Glass’ expert team are happy to discuss how their Polyvision Switchable Privacy Glass can bring privacy, practicality and luxury to your home and you can do so by contacting us today. In the meantime, head to our website to discover the impressive capabilities of switchable glass