10 Unique House Design Features That You’ll Love Every Day

10 Unique House Design Features That You’ll Love Every Day
November 12, 2021 admin

Buying a home is one of the most exciting adult experiences we get to enjoy. Even better is when it’s your forever home that you plan on spending plenty of happy years in.

Your forever home needs a personal stamp that shows it is completely and uniquely yours. If you’re building a new, custom home, congratulations, you get free rein to design this project in your vision.

Renovating or buying a pre-built home can seem like it’s missing something, missing that little piece of you. But with some crafty renovations or simple changes, you can add a feature that really injects your personality.

If you’re looking to add a custom flair to your home, check out these ten features of varying complexity. Each one is sure to make your home the coolest on the block.

A Hidden Room

Most commonly found in movies, mystery novels and spy stories, a hidden room is just naturally cool. It makes your home seem mysterious and will absolutely be something that ‘wows’ your guests.

Plus, a hidden room doesn’t need to be a secret – with a unique entrance like a moving bookcase door, you can make your hidden room an easy to access part of your home design. It’s an excellent spot for an entertainment room, a bar, a hidden library or anything else.

Kitchen Nook


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It’s different, practical and surprisingly cost-effective if you’re building your home from the ground up. A kitchen nook is a cozy place to enjoy your meals or a cup of tea in the afternoon. You also save money on dining room furniture and leave plenty of open space to play within your dining area.

Inside Tree


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For a perfect merger of nature and architecture, find a spot where you can add a plant as a statement piece. And we’re not talking about a potted plant; we mean a whole tree, roots and all, to make a showstopping environmental statement. If your land already is home to an old, incredible tree that would be a shame to cut down, work around it and build in a way that integrates it into your design.

Innovative Stairs

Stairs are an incredibly versatile part of your home, so get a little creative! They’re also space-consuming, so modern designs can clear out vacant space and become a focal point for your interior design.

An Instant Privacy Room

Interior windows are a great way to open your space, while still maintaining the floor plan of your home. If open living plans aren’t for you, but you enjoy the look, a windowed or entirely glass interior room is a perfect compromise.

By utilising our switchable glass, your inside windows can transform from crystal clear to cloudy opaque in a split second. People always want the most privacy in their homes, but that can often come at the cost of unsightly coverings that can make your space feel claustrophobic and dense. Plus, blinds and shutters can be a nightmare to untangle and move around. With Polyvision Switchable Glass, you get full control over how much you want to show. If you’re moving around the house and want it to feel bright and open, make the glass clear. If you’re using the room and want privacy, flick the switch and enjoy the same amount of privacy as standard walls would offer.

Service-Style Kitchen That Turns Into A Patio Bar


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Has your deck been getting ignored lately, and you want to give it some more use? If yes, it’s a great idea to integrate it with your interior kitchen. We’re all guilty of forgetting about our outdoor space at certain times of the year, but opening it up with a restaurant-style serving bay makes transferring things from your kitchen to the outdoors is easier than carrying them to your dining room table.

Skylight Or Sun Tunnels

Nothing feels better than natural light – it’s proven to improve our mood and health. The only problem is when you’ve had enough sun, how do you block it out? Many people, especially those with tall roofs, just shrug off the idea of incorporating skylights because of the hassle that comes with opening and closing the shutters. Well, with switchable glass, getting shade is as easy as turning a light switch off.

Home Slide!

Want your home to have something fun for your young ones? Or maybe you’re a kid at heart too. A home slide makes getting from one floor to another a blast! Plus, you’ll actually get down a level much faster than taking the stairs. Though we can’t promise it’ll be as fun on the way back up.

Do Something Different With Your Ceilings


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Almost every Australian home has flat, white ceilings – boring! To make a room really pop, look up. An archway is a classic and interesting feature that breaks out from the norm. Exposed wooden rafters is also a modern trend that is great for renovated heritage buildings and barn homes.

A Home Rock Climbing Wall


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Rock climbing is one of the best upper body and core workouts you could do. It also includes problem-solving and quick thinking. If you’re not a fan of mindlessly throwing around weights or want a more engaging workout, a home rock climbing wall is perfect for you.

It may take up some room, but it’s no more of a commitment than a home gym. With a decent collection of holds, you’ll never run out of variation in your workouts. You may still want to squeeze in some squats, though – so your legs don’t get left out.

If you liked our recommendations for utilising Switchable Glass, contact us today, and we can help you plan how to utilise it in your home design. We can accommodate most requests and are happy to share our expert advice on how and where to use this magical glass. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how you can bring your home to life with Polyvision Switchable Glass!